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Cambridge Tea Consultancy

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Global Tea Expert & Consultant. Over 30 years of tea advisory experience in growing, processing, buying, blending and brand execution with the top 4 tea global tea companies. Proudly partnering with the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada, European Tea Society and the East Africa Tea Trade Association.

My Story


Tea Consultancy and Advisory

Expert Tea Advice:  Black tea, Green tea, Ice Tea, Decaf, Speciality and Herbal tea. Using my extensive insights in the tea value chain I advise on producing the right tea,  Market Access, smart buying/blending, NPD, supplier management and sustainability.

If it’s to do with tea I can help you.

Global Tea Industry Solutions: Drawing on wide international experience working with Unilever, Twinings, Tata/Tetley and Taylors of Harrogate/Yorkshire Tea I work with you to create effective solutions for your business.

My expert advice covers many markets around the world.

Bespoke Tea Consultation: I provide invaluable insight and practical consultation to tea growers, traders, packers, start-ups, multinationals, NGOs and development agencies. 

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Cambridge Tea Academy

Tea Education: Tea training is at the heart of what I do; I love to share my knowledge with anyone thirsty to learn about tea – from tea farmers to tea drinkers.

We offer tea training and tasting courses in the UK and also in Kenya. Joyce is also training live online until August 2020.

Tea Taster Training & Certification: Whatever your level of tea knowledge we will invest our learnings over 28 years of tea experience to train you with skills ranging from grading and QA to Master Blending.

THAC Tea Sommelier ® Certification Program: Offer your customers the highest level of service. Train and get certified with the world acclaimed Tea and Herbal Association of Canada program. Ideal for hospitality, start-up businesses as well as Tea Sales and Marketing staff.

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Spreading The Tea Word

Tea Events Speaking: From Tea Expos to Trade Association events I contribute my expertise as an industry insider. I have spoken at events big and small, including The 15th China Tea Economic Annual Tea Convention & 2019 Yingde Black Tea Cultural Festival, Purple and Speciality Tea Association of Kenya  AGM & Tea Awards, National Tea Day’s Exper-Teas  at The Shard.

Media Coverage: As a tea expert my goal is to elevate the profile of the drink in the media and inspire the love of tea. My tea features in magazines include Harper’s Bazaar, Redonline, The Stylist, SIP and Velvet.

Judge at Tea Competitions: As a renowned tea taster I bring objective and credible judging skills – I’ve previously judged at The Great Taste Awards and PSTAK Awards.

Tea connections: Linking tea people. Looking for a speciality supplier or packer? Or maybe a buyer or blender, factory manager? I may be able to use my network to help you find the right connections.

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Let’s Work Together With Tea

If your business is tea, you have come to the right place!



We offer unrivalled experience, expertise, credibility and great passion for tea to help you grow your tea business. 


For a free no-obligation conversation about your requirement in business consultation or training just email us at  and let us work together.

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Why Cambridge Tea Consultancy?

portrait shot of cambridge tea consultancy founder joyce maina.

“Our great expertise draws from a unique bank of knowledge and experience gained from tasting over 500,000 cups of tea and the development of 400 tea blends. As a result we have built brands in over 100 markets across the globe.

Founder & Director, Joyce Maina

Our Experience, Our Partners

As Teamaster and Expert I have worked with Unilever, Tata Global Beverages & Tetley, Twinings, Taylors of Harrogate & Yorkshire Tea in roles covering marketing plantation tea, buying and blending and more recently resident consultant as a Senior Global Expert. You can learn more about my story here.

Our Associates are leading senior experts in the industry with decades of high level multinational experience. They include Katy Tubb, former Director of Tea Buying & Blending at Tetley,  Norman Kelly, previously Managing Director of Unilever’s Utea and Chairman of the International Tea Committee and Ethical Tea Partnership and Sam Kimmins – tea blender, buyer and tutor.

We are proud to partner with the East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA), the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada (THAC) Tea Sommelier® Certification Program and The European Tea Society. You can learn more at our services page or get in touch here.

Tea For Good

We are committed to making a positive contribution to the tea community – that’s why every year 2% of our profit will go to a project which aims to help an underfunded tea producing community in the developing world!

Joyce also provides free mentoring to young entrepreneurs and women in Small Enterprises in tea.

“I have known Joyce for over 20 years and worked with her in Kenya and in the UK and I very much enjoyed working with her.

… I would like to draw particular attention to her unique insight into the UK tea industry – she has worked at the 4 most important UK tea firms … Unilever/Brooke Bond, Tata/Tetley, Twinings and Taylor’s/Yorkshire tea. As a result, she knows the workings of the UK tea industry far more than any other tea guru. She will bring good value to any tea firm, that I can attest

Tony Laurent - Owner, Bespoke Tea Company
Tony Laurent - Owner, Bespoke Tea Company

“I have known Joyce for more than 25 years. She is an accomplished professional in all aspects of tea buying, blending and R&D. Few people in the industry these days have her breadth and depth of experience in major global, branded tea products. ”

Jem McDowall - Vice President, Universal Commodities
Jem McDowall - Vice President, Universal Commodities


It is no longer enough to just make good tea. We can work with you to help you produce tea your clients want and tea they are happy to pay more for. We can also help you with Market Access and targeting.

Tea consumers are on the lookout for tea with a difference – whether that is provenance, social purpose, quality or wellness. Trends evolve and while people will always drink tea, in the future it will be very different from today.

Real tea education for consumers, enthusiasts and the trade is in short supply and yet there is a growing demand for knowledge of the drink. This is the missing link in securing a future for tea, ensuring it becomes future-proof. At Cambridge Tea Academy we invest in tea education and help companies’ marketing comms operate more effectively alongside training your customer support staff.

We certainly can! Cambridge Tea Consultancy has a wealth of knowledge in blending and blend development with over 28 years of practical experience including working with the Big Four tea companies.

Cambridge Tea Consultancy is well placed to guide you along the sustainability journey. If we neglect to make tea sustainable the future of both the farmers and our tea community is in jeopardy. Get in touch and work with us to make tea future-proof.

Cambridge Tea Academy trains and certifies tea tasters at 3 levels. We are proud to be working with the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada (TAC) for our Tea Sommelier® Certification Program. Our thorough training programs will get you or your staff soon grading, buying and blending tea at an expert level. You will be trained by real Tea Experts and Tea Master with global industry experience. 


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