Cambridge Tea Consultancy was established by the International Tea Expert, Joyce Maina after a long career in the global tea industry. It was born out of the desire and passion to build, develop and share real tea skill and knowledge in the trade globally, and particularly to those SMEs and organisations without their own experts.

Knowing tea takes many years of experience, but you do not have to put in the years yourself – get it from the Tea Expert!

I work only with associates who are themselves industry leaders, with decades of knowledge so you can tap into it with ease. They include agronomists, tea scientists, processing experts and herbal infusions specialists.

Together we aim to transform how tea is seen, done and experienced today and in the future. We do this through working with the industry in business advisory, education and communication to elevate quality standards and maximise positive impact in tea communities.

How, you ask?

We make genuine, world – class tea knowledge, skills and expertise accessible to all tea players equally.

Now you too can have access to blue-chip tea expertise and experience – without the need to employ a full-time expert yourself!


My Values

In a world where things are not always what they are said to be, I strongly believe in authenticity, expertise and integrity. I work for the good of the tea drinkers, as well as the people who grow and pick your tea; their communities and the environment they live in.

My associates and I support the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the way our partners and clients do tea business – because it is the right thing to do. We love to work with businesses who inbuild these values into their strategies!

We support tea farmers to make a sustainable living income for their families –  small holders and speciality tea producers are a keen focus for us.

We also work with our partners to support women, young and disadvantaged people in tea, reducing inequality and improving gender representation in the value chain.

Business Advisory

Tea Consultancy & Advisory

Expert Tea Advice:  Black tea. Green tea. Iced Tea. Decaf. Speciality. Premium. Luxury. Herbal teas & infusions. Matcha. Instant. Liquid tea drinks.

Tap into my extensive industry experience, full value chain mastery and diverse global markets knowledge. I advise on producing the right teas, Market Access for artisanal producers, as well as smart buying, blending and sustainability. I can also help with creative new product development (NPD) from exciting teas, novel products using tea, to wellness blends.

If it’s to do with tea I can help you.

Global Tea Industry Solutions: Drawing on my wide international experience with the big and small tea brands, as well as a multitude of global suppliers and value chains, I can work with you to create effective solutions for your business. From tea science support to future proofing tea – let’s find the solutions together.

My expert advice covers many markets and tea origins around the world.

Bespoke Tea Consultation: Tailored to your specific requirements – I provide invaluable insight and practical consultation to help with your specific tea project, however novel. Tea growers, traders, packers, start-ups, multinationals, NGOs, development agencies and investors.

Tea Training

Cambridge Tea Academy

Tea Education:  Knowing tea means opening a world of possibilities and options. It means making great new tea choices – whether you are a tea enthusiast, consumer, retailer or hospitality provider. It means being able to do new things with tea!


Tea training is at the heart of what I do; come and learn tea with the expert and do tea differently.

Training options:

  • Live webinars available for a limited selection of courses.
  • e-Learning – Learn at your own pace, at your own place! Courses available to book.
  • Tea training for your team, virtually and in-person.


Tea Taster Training & Certification: Want to be a recognised global taster?

Over 30 years of tea knowledge and experience applied to equip you with skills ranging from tea tasting and grading, Quality Assurance to Master Blending.

Become a tea taster, and open new career opportunities!


For The Love of Tea

Oh My Tea!

Public Speaking: Contributing expertise as an industry insider, I speak at events big and small, all over the world. I have spoken in China, Kenya, Burundi, Sri Lanka and the UK.



  • Tea conventions


  • Women’s events


  • Colleges & schools


Magazine Features

Harpers Bazaar   Red online,  Instagram Bloggers NL,  SIP , World Tea News and Velvet


Tea Competitions Judge: A renowned tea taster bringing masterful objective and credible judging skills – I’ve previously judged at The Great Taste Awards and PSTAK (Purple&  Speciality Tea Association of Kenya) Awards.

Fun with Tea: Fun Tea tasting for business teams creativity and inspiration sessions.

Tea Garden Visits

Take me there!

There is nothing like it in the whole wide world!

Being on a tea garden is magical, exhilarating and unforgettable. You don’t just learn how tea is made; you fall in love with tea – for life!

I have visited gardens all over the world – and still I go again at the drop of a hat! I am totally hooked – and you would be too. Let us take you there.

With our partner gardens, we arrange visits for enthusiast as well as tea practitioners and small businesses wanting to learn more.





Pick your tea

Learn teamaking

Handmake it into something beautiful to drink

Learn about tea

Discover a tea country culture

Take back great tea and everlasting love of tea

Why Cambridge Tea Consultancy?

“Our great expertise draws from a unique bank of knowledge and experience gained from tasting over 1,000,000 cups of tea and creating hundreds of international tea blends. As a result we have built brands in over 150 markets across the globe.”

Founder & Director, Joyce Maina


Credible, unrivalled Experience

If you are looking for credible, real tea experience, knowledge and skill, this is where you will find it.

As modern Tea master and Expert I have worked with big brands including Unilever, Tata, Tetley, Twinings, and Taylors of Harrogate & Yorkshire Tea. I have also worked with beautiful SMEs creating amazing modern tea experiences. It is uncommon to find a tea master who combines brand experience with the total tea global value chain – crop to cup, and I count myself very fortunate indeed. I have covered tea growing & processing, marketing & selling plantation tea, international buying & blending, RND & innovation, brand building, customer advisory and consumer research translation into product. That is real Global Tea Expertise!

You can learn more about my story here.

Cambridge Tea Consultancy only works with the best network of collaborating associates who are leading senior experts in the global industry. We value experience, knowledge and credibility.

Tea For Good

Cambridge Tea Consultancy is committed to making a positive impact on the tea community – that’s why every year we will contribute time and/or funding to a project which aims to help  underfunded tea producing communities and projects in the developing world. We particularly focus on projects for women, youth and disadvantaged people.

Joyce also provides free mentoring to young entrepreneurs and women in tea SMEs and since inception, more than 40 people from different countries have already benefited from this support.

“I have known Joyce for more than 30 years. She is an accomplished professional in all aspects of tea buying, blending and R&D. Few people in the industry these days have her breadth and depth of experience in major global, branded tea products. ”

Jem McDowall – VP, UCTTC, USA

“I’m truly grateful to have you in my corner it, means the world to me.”


“It has been said by others, but I have personally experienced it; A candle does not lose its flame by lighting another candle. I got my flame- Joyce has been my mentor and has walked me through my tea journey to date. She has nurtured me and is truly passionate and an expert in the field. Am always looking forward to the next challenge after our talks.”
Makena, Kenya

“I just wanted to say thank you again for taking the time to meet with us on Tuesday! You really helped us clarify some of the gaps in our research and confirm what we have found so far…”

 SH, MD, GD & JM, Columbia University, CC ’23



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