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tea in Kericho Kenya

Reflecting on the Tea Industry in 2020 amidst COVID19

Cover photo courtesy of @chesumotteaestate photo courtesy of @specialityteakilimanjaro What a year it has been for all of us! And it’s only August. No aspect of life has been left unscathed and tea, definitely a key aspect of life, is no exception. On the one

Training young future tea tasters

Future Tasters Looking at the young, eager faces of new and learning tasters the other week I was struck by just how lucky the trade is to have young people who in spite of the allure of other fancier or more lucrative trades like banking,
A line of different coloured teas in white cups on a white table

East Africa is making strides in Speciality Tea

From Kilimanjaro to Mt. Kenya November  saw  Cambridge Tea Consultancy traversing tea regions of E. Africa. From Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills and best CTC teas in the world, to Ethiopia - Africa's unexploited tea potential and on to Tanzania and Kenya, well