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Fanning Tea Snobbery?

Fanning Tea Snobbery After reading the recent World Tea News article about tea snobbery by Cody Wade in July, I felt compelled to join the discussion and offer my twopence on the important subject.  Wade’s article notes: “Of course, within the tea community, there are even... tea snobs. This
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Thriving in tea : Women-owned SMEs in Kenya

Thriving in tea : Women-owned SMEs in Kenya As the pandemic continued to wage war on humanity, some aspects of life and work carried on in spite of it all; people stoically marching forward in the new normal that became our lives. They had to

Talking Black Tea in China

Talking Black Tea In China I had the opportunity to talk about Global Black Tea Consumption and Brand Construction at the 15th China Tea Economic Convention and 2019 Yingde Black Tea Cultural Festival this week. While I shared my views with my keen and attentive