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Whether you are a Tea Grower looking to get the best prices for your tea; a Trader after first-rate strategic buying and stockholding; a Packer seeking the optimised mix of blends for your factory or customers; a Hospitality provider focused on delivering memorable tea experiences; or a startup or multinational — we can work together.

My “Bush-To-Brand-To-Cup” experience is unique in the trade and I will work with you or your clients  to unlock solutions and create effective strategies for the future!


We can provide tea growers big and small with authoritative industry advice, assist with supplier management and help build sustainability and capability into the heart of your business.


Our operational experience working with tea startups as well as multinationals means we can provide practical expertise across strategic buying and blending, tea language building and teaching as well as tasting and quality arbitration.


We assist with competitor mapping, market landscaping, new product development or providing invaluable tea industry expertise to help you create the perfect tea experience – on shelf or in hospitality.
Work With Us
asian woman with wide hat and shears collecting tea leaves in the field

“I’ve known Joyce for well over 25 years. She was a pioneer in her day, having become one of the first women tea experts, not only for Unilever, but in the Global Tea Trade. She continually demonstrated her knowledge and effectiveness in any role she was given, whether at Unilever or other multi-nationals.”

Peter Goggi, President, Tea Association USA


Tea Academy

Real Tea Education is in short supply globally while tea drinkers and future drinkers thirst for knowledge about their beloved beverage. We train and certify professionals saving you cost and time.

Our courses cater to all levels: from complete beginners, enthusiasts with some knowledge to experts wishing to build their tasting skills or tea knowledge. We give you the skills to be able to select an impactful tea offering, taste tea, describe and speak about tea confidently and buy and blend different teas and herbal infusions.


Get an introduction to tea and herbal infusions for your clients, customers or customer-facing staff to enable them to talk and sell tea with confidence. Our Tea Masterclass for businesses also covers product concept co-creation and selling tips. Our Tea Masterclass for general tea enthusiasts, college and school students is a fun introduction into tea delivered by an industry expert.


Become a Certified Sommelier : We deliver the world acclaimed Tea and Herbal Association of Canada (TAC) Tea Sommelier® Certification Program
Learn about origins, history, tasting, preparation, consumption and much more. Grasp the fundamentals of getting practical with tea: tasting, brewing methods, food pairing and mixology. Become confident and knowlgeable in tea and herbals to offer the highest level of service on shelf or in hospitality.


Our Certified Taster training is aimed at those who are, or wishing to become professional tasters as Tea Buyer/Blender. Be trained by a Global Tea Expert – tasting, buying, Masterblending, blend development and optimisation. Become competent in quality and value assessment. I offer intensive tasting training, focusing on Taste, Colour, Thickness, Brightness and Leaf.  
Work With Us
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A range of tea paraphernalia including a bamboo tea whisk, loose tea, colourful cups of tea and teapots.

“She is not only knowledgeable in tea mastery herself, but also an inspirational teacher, she coached me to be a tea taster in a very interactive and influential way.”

Xing Ma, Tea Material Expert, Unilever


Spreading The T Word

There is a whole world of tea largely undiscovered by drinkers and non-drinkers alike. It’s an exciting world featuring history, colours, flavours, aromas and origins. Not only do consumers want to understand their cup of tea better, but people young and old are looking for new experiences.


From tea expos to trade association, I am an experienced and engaging speaker on the subject of tea. I have spoken at a wide range of events, big and small, including National Tea Day’s ExperTeas at The Shard in 2018. I’ve also had the pleasure of leading Africa tea garden tours and would love to share the experience.


As a tea expert I love to provide tea expertise and elevate the profile of tea in the media. I have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Red Online and The Stylist. I can introduce people to and educate them on tea and it’s industry as well as well as showcase and promote tea careers.


We can organise tea and food pairing, tea mixology, team-building exercises and social events, tea storytelling and quizzes! As a renowned and respected tea taster I can bring an objective and credible opinion to judging. I have judged at The Great Taste Awards in 2014 and 2019.

Work With Us
a woman's hand pouring tea from a cyan pouring cup.

“Having a conversation with her is to gain invaluable insights one minute after another. As a newcomer, I appreciated asking as many questions as I could in order to gain further insights into the greater tea and hospitality industry. Lastly, I am grateful that Joyce’s generosity with her industry network.”

Bauhinia Lee, Co-founder, Téaura