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Talking Black Tea in China

Talking Black Tea In China

I had the opportunity to talk about Global Black Tea Consumption and Brand Construction at the 15th China Tea Economic Convention and 2019 Yingde Black Tea Cultural Festival this week. While I shared my views with my keen and attentive audience it occurred to me yet again just how different the rest of the global market is from the domestic Chinese market. While we strive to premiumise tea and embed speciality teas as a regular choice for consumers the variety and extent of just these types of teas in China is unbelievably vast. Indeed many a speciality tea offered anywhere is of Chinese origin and rightly so – there are numerous outstanding teas to savour.

A wealth of Teas

 With such a wealth of great teas then getting more of it into the global markets requires increased visibility – promotion and showcasing outside China by gardens, increased transparency of tea supply chains, clear provenance and assurance of meeting the regulatory standards required by the global markets. It was great to see so much is being done by such entities as Tea Three Organic whose teas can only be described as Luxury. Of much interest to me and indeed most other delegates was their Cocoa Tea – made from naturally caffeine free camellia ptilophylla tea bushes.

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